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Temagami Photos

More Panoramas by Jim Flosdorf



On Caribou Mountain    48 x 12 in.

On Caribou Mountain


Temagami, Ont.    96 x 18 in.

Temagami, Ont.


Island, Temagami, Ont.    96 x 28 in.

Island, Temagami, Ont.


Island Bay, Temagami, Ont.      96 x 28 in.

Island Bay, Temagami, Ont.



Tall Tree     size 14 x 55 in.    This wall-hanging is printed on satin.

Tall Tree


Collage: Morning and Afternoon       120 x 36 in.     Click for larger image

Collage: Morning and Afternoon*


Flea Market    96 x 26

Flea Market




The “Old Man”

(c. 1999)





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Jim Flosdorf

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