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Panoramic Photos from the Shore Areas

Myrtle Beach and Vicinity, S.C.

by Jim Flosdorf




Sundown,   size  52 x 18 inches




Oystering,  size 60 x 28 in.




Inlet, size 114 x 28 in.




 Tidal Pool at Sunset     size: 46 x 20  inches

Tidal Pool at Sunset



Dusk near Murrells Inlet, size 80 x 20 in.

Dusk near Murrells Inlet



Sunset at Murrells Inlet, size 68 x 20 in.

Sunset at Murrells Inlet



 Live Oaks at Brookgreen Gardens, size 90 x 28 in.

 Live Oaks at Brookgreen Gardens



Neptune at Brookgreen Gardens, size 90 x28

 Neptune at Brookgreen Gardens



The Muses at Brookgreen Gardens, size, 78 x 28 in.

The Muses at Brookgreen Gardens



Restaurant after Hazel, size 72 x 28 in.

Restaurant after Hazel



Abandoned, size 72 x 28 in.




Red Motel, size 68 x 28 in.

Red Motel



 Old Motel     size: 90 x 30 inches

   Old Motel


 Blue Motel, size 52 x 28 in.

 Blue Motel




Wildwood, Cape May, Area, N.J.



Sea Cloud, size 28 x 18 in.

Sea Cloud



Lighthouse at Cape May Point, size 96 x 15

The Lighthouse at Cape May Point



W.W. II  Shore-Gun Emplacement, size 80 x 22 in.

Ruins of W.W. II  Shore-Gun Emplacement and Amunition Bunker, Cape May




The Beach at Stone Harbor, NJ

The Beach at Stone Harbor



 Asbury Park, N.J.



The Casino   size 24 x 12 inches

The Old Casino




Grafitti     size 120 x 17 inches

The Graffiti on the east wall

(on the right side of the photo above)



Metropolitan Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ

. The Metropolitan Hotel





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All photos copyrighted by Jim Flosdorf